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Community Rules

In registering as a user on EqCetera, you agree to abide by these rules as well as our Terms of Service. We ask that you frequently refer back to these documents in case of changes.

General Interaction

1) Be respectful of your fellow players and Eqcetera staff. Under no circumstances should you personally attack another person, be they staff or player, belonging onsite or offsite. Examples of personal attacks include, but are not limited to: name calling and/or derogatory terms (“retard”, “fag”, “slut”, etc.), flaming, trolling, attempting to force your opinion on someone, attacking another persons opinion, and/or any other behavior that may be deemed malicious or disrespectful by the site and its staff. In addition, passive aggressive behavior is unacceptable. You may post your opinions but not in such a way as to cause someone else to feel as if their methods, ideas, actions or being are any less than your own. There is no single “right” way to play the game.

      1.a.) Do not talk back to mods and/or argue a ruling that a mod has made. If you do not agree, feel free to message Starry (#1) or Cayda (#2) to file a dispute.

2) If you are asked to drop a topic and/or move on to another topic, please do so. We strive to keep the chat and forums areas where all feel welcome, and topics which are deemed offensive or begin to cause dispute are cause for a moderator to ask for a topic change. Failure to follow these instructions may result in a chat or forum ban, depending on where the conversation takes place.

3) Sharing personal information of another player without their permission is strictly forbidden. Personal information includes: location, images, IP address, and any other information staff finds inappropriate. Personally attacking another player is also forbidden.

4) Mild swearing is allowed on Eqcetera. This is limited to softer curse words such as “shit”, “hell”, and “ass”. Harsher words will not be tolerated and will result in a deleted or edited comment, post, etc. Swearing should never be directed towards another person.

5) The discussion of mature subjects on Eqcetera is limited. Anything overly sexual, violent, illegal within the country of Eqcetera’s origin (United States), or otherwise inappropriate in nature is not allowed anywhere on Eqcetera. If you wish to discuss these subjects, please utilize another means of communication. If you are unsure if a topic is appropriate, you may message a moderator at any time to ask them.

6) Players are expected to use proper grammar, punctuation and spelling throughout all areas of Eqcetera including: shouts, forums, chat, etc. Capitalizing the first letter of each word in a forum title, however, is acceptable. Excessive punctuation is any number of punctuation marks exceeding a count of three. Excessive use of capitalization and punctuation will be edited or deleted by staff.

7) Please refrain from using bright colors for fonts or using fonts that make any text on the site difficult to read. Staff may edit or delete misuse of colors or fonts.

8) While constructive feedback is allowed and welcomed, unconstructive feedback, whether it be directed towards the site, another player, another site, or anything else, is not. Examples of unconstructive feedback include things such as “this site sucks”, “you’re a terrible person/player/staff member”, “this site is terrible”, and “I hope you die.” An example of constructive feedback is thus: “I do not like the new layout. The nav bar makes it hard to navigate through the site, the colors are a bit too bright for my display, and I think that it does not represent what the site could be.” If you are unsure about whether something is considered constructive or unconstructive, you may message a moderator for clarification.

9) Mini-modding is not allowed. If there is a problem on the forum or in chat, please utilize the modbox (and provide proof via a screenshot) or message a moderator. Politely informing someone of the rules is allowed.

10) Please do not spam other players. Spam is considered messaging a player consistently, or several players, concerning a topic better suited for forums. Spam is also considered an excessive number of shouts (refer to rule 14), excessive chat messages which do not serve an obvious individual purpose, and/or excessive posts which do not serve an obvious individual purpose. Excessive amounts of any of these will be removed.

11) Under no circumstances are players running for president allowed to bribe or pay for votes. Trading votes is allowed. One vote to one vote, agreed upon in forum campaigns only.

12) Advertising for anything that isn’t Eqcetera related is restricted to the appropriate forums. This includes advertising for other sites, movies, games, etc.. in the chat and shouts.

13) Advertising in chat is not allowed.

14) Posting more than two (2) shouts at any given time about the same topic is not allowed. In addition, posting more than three (3) shouts total is deemed excessive, and additional shouts will be deleted (oldest first).

15) If you have an issue with another member, please provide a screenshot for proof when submitting to the modbox. If the other member is a staff member, please provide this proof and/or information via private message to Starry* (1) or Cayda (2).

Art Usage Rules

1) Please keep avatar (“tag”) images to 150 pixels by 150 pixels. Avatar (“tag”) images which are larger will be removed.

2) All images on Eqcetera are copyright to the game. They are not covered by a Creative Commons License. Do not use, manipulate or modify any game images without permission from an administrator/owner. Images which are used or modified without permission will be removed. We may also persue legal action if our artwork is found to be used without permission.

3) If you did not create a drawn image, you must credit the artist. The same goes for photographs or stock images that are used for layouts or horse images. This rule includes any art on Eqcetera including avatars, layouts, manipulations, etc. When in doubt, credit your sources. (Avatars may be the only exception due to size)

      3.a.) Credits must be legible, not blended well into the background, or faded to the point of illegibility. You may credit images on layouts below the image. Provide a link back to the artist such as: - Horse , or Horse -, noblestallion@deviantart - horse, T M Tonmoy Islam@flickr - horse, etc . If you are unsure how to credit an image, please message a moderator for clarification. If you are using your own work, please credit with either your brand, username, player ID, or with a link to your own upload area (deviantart, flickr, photobucket, etc) where the original can be viewed.

4) Art theft is a punishable offense on Eqcetera. Please only use images that you have permission to use. This includes tracing or manipulating copyrighted images.

5) It is permissible to buy and sell artwork for USD or other real life currency on Eqcetera. However, the site is not responsible for any money lost through scams or broken contracts.

Breaking any of these rules or the Terms of Service will result in a warning. The warning may be verbal or via private message.

Warning System

Our warning system is divided into three tiers. The tier level will be the subject of the warning message you receive.

Tier 1 - The lowest ranking warning. A third Tier 1 warning is equivalent to a Tier 2 warning.

Tier 2 - Medium warning level. A third Tier 2 warning is equivalent to a Tier 3 warning.

Tier 3 - Highest warning level. The first Tier 3 warning (or Third Tier 2 warning moving you up to Tier 3) will result in a 1 to 3 day ban depending on the severity of the warning and previous warnings. A second Tier 3 warning will result in a 3 to 7 day ban depending on the severity of the warning and previous warnings and you will be issued a final warning.

Any warnings in excess of a final warning will result in an immediate permanent ban regardless of Tier.

Each Tier 3 warning may be built up to. If an account already has one Tier 3 warning, and receives three Tier 1 warnings, the account will show staff a Tier 3 warning and a Tier 2 warning. You may receive three additional Tier 1 warnings for your second Tier 2 warning. If an account has built up to a third Tier 2 warning, that will constitute a second Tier 3 warning.